Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook - All That You Need To Know

The brand new and absolutely stunning Dell XPS 13 ULTRABOOK is probably the latest and most innovative personal home computing product ever created. However, Dell announced the launch of their latest product at the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2012, still there is something that makes their late entrance special. Need to know more? Continue reading...

While some brands may have a different definition of the word "ultra-thin", Dell has strictly followed the real meaning of the word by creating an ultra thin personal computing device. The fine matte finished XPS 13 measures 18mm at its thickest point and narrows down to amazing 6mm figure. With a considerably low weight of just 3 pounds, XPS 13 is fabricated with a finely machined and aesthetic aluminum body with a solid carbon fiber base material.

What Will Turn You On?

Let's have a look at its expansive edge-to-edge display. The crisp high-resolution of 1366 x 768 and its incredible Corning's ultra strong Gorilla Glass enhances the user experience even more. The new material, Corning's Gorilla Glass is making a huge appearance in a lot of recent consumer electronics with touch screen display, LCDs' and LEDs'. This high quality shatter proof glass not only saves you from spending hundreds of bucks on screen replacement, but has also entered a new era of ultra durable mobile electronics.

While there is a comfortable backlight that complements the well-shaped keys, there is also a large glass touchpad designed for smooth and comfortable cursor movement. You can either choose to take home a Dell XPS with a Core i5 processor loaded with 4GB or 25GB Solid State Drive or can even go for a gadget enriched with an i7 processor. These solid state drivers are actually becoming a quick replacement for those unpredictable and dated platter based hard drives.

Then there is a bonus 100 Gb of online cloud storage, which will save you from losing any important data. The best part is its battery life, which lasts for more than eight hours and makes it shine brighter than many other competitors.

What Will Turn You Off?

However, Dell XPS 13 has sacrificed some ports to maintain its portability, there are two USB ports, a headphone jack and a Mini display port for providing some convenience to users. Additionally, there is no Ethernet port, so you will probably need to depend on a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection for accessing web. Then there is no SD slot for you to quickly import your pictures from your camera. But overall, this thin, light and quick starting ULTRABOOK is a good option for all those gadget freaks who are looking forward to replace their previous ULTRABOOK version with a new one

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